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His education and family background. (Sweet memory forever:)

Welcome to my second entry,
Mahathir and his wife, Siti Hasmah bt Mohd Ali
     Hi all, here I would like to talk about his education and family. His father, Mohamad had given the complete educational to his sons since they were childhood. The purpose is to train them to be an independent person and did not depends on others. However, he thought that among his siblings between the boys, he was the most luckier compared to his brothers because his father was given to him the higher level of education. Therefore, he got a specialization and more succeed than other siblings. He started his early school at Sekolah Melayu Seberang Perak at year 1930. Meanwhile, during teenager, he was at Government English School in Alor Setar, Kedah whereby this institution nowadays is known as Kolej Sultan Abdul Hamid. He had achieved the senior excellence certificate from Cambridge after finished his education in 1945. In 1947, he gained the Kedah scholarship to continue his study at the King Edward VII College of Medicine in Singapore. He was known by others as an assiduous student and serious in his studies. In 1953, he had graduated in Degree of Medical Certificate from University of Malaya. After that, he started his job as the specialist in Hospital Besar Pulau Pinang. Meanwhile, he also got many offered in Langkawi, Jitra, and Perlis for his services.
       Furthermore, I also want to talk about his family background. During his study, he had closed with the lady whose name is Siti Hasmah bt Mohd Ali (now is his wife) in the same institution and in the same course. This relationship was continuing until both of them were decided to marry in August 1956 after graduated in their course. Moreover, I am amazing with his family because they were blessing with seven children whose name are Marina (Datin Paduka Marina), Mirzan, Melinda, Mokhzani (Datuk Mokhzani), Mukriz (Datuk Mukriz), Maizura, and Mazhar. 

During his wedding

His happy family
>Mahathir bin Mohamad, Tun,1925-Buku Doktor Umum: memoir Tun
 Dr.Mahathir Mohamad/Mahathir Mohamad


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